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We are interested in receiving CVs from dynamic teachers who want to  develop professionally within the world of TEFL.

We value teachers who genuinely enjoy teaching children and teenagers, prepare their classes well, share their ideas and have a caring attitude towards their students.

Our teachers have a university degree as well as a recognized TEFL Qualification.
Keltic offers a pleasant working environment, legal contract, resource materials and didactic support.
A knowledge of Spanish language and culture is useful but not essential.

If you meet these requirements, please send us your CV (include recent photo) with a cover letter.



Academia de inglés en Cáceres
Work in Cáceres

Feeling at home in the 
‘Cradle of the Conquistadors’

Extremadura lies in Western Spain, 'beyond the (River) Duero', north of Andalusia, south of Castile and east of Portugal. It's half the size of Ireland and overlooked even by most Spaniards.

Academia de inglés en Cáceres, Keltic


What are the advantages and disadvantages of working as an English teacher in Spain?

How easy is it to get a job as an English teacher in Spain?

What requirements do teachers need to meet?

What’s the minimum wage for a teacher to live on in Andalusia (southern Spain), for example?

Are there any particular controversies around English language teaching in Spain?

What about Brexit?